Why Most Sellers Fail?

Let’s face it! Not all sellers are successful. This apply to any niche, products, services.

Here’s a few points to ponder about:


What you believe will determine your action and eventually your success. There are agents which think the products are cheap, there are also agents which think the prices are expensive. Guess which agents sell more?

While we are not the cheapest for some products, we believe the prices are very reasonable. If you do not believe that you can sell, most probably you wont.

Comparing back to study times, if you don’t think that you can get an A for a subject, most of the times that’s true =)


Most agents are not thinking as a business owner.

If you are serious in making sales, take initiative to read more on all the aspects needed to improve yourself. This include product knowledge and marketing.

How many hours are you spending a day on this business?
How are your brand diff than other agents?

Only agents that stands out will sell. Here’s an example, Harvey Norman, Giant, Senheng are all selling electronic items. Depending on the customers, they will prefer different shops to buy. You don’t have to be the cheapest for sales which is a misconception of most agents.

Is 7-11 the cheapest convenience shop?
Is Harvey Norman the cheapest electronic shop?
Is Ikea the cheapest furniture shop?

The main question will be, why should customers buy from you?

If your answer is because you are cheap, no offense but you are most likely to fail, unless you have money to burn like Uber.

Start small, learn fast

Unfortunately, most agents are greedy and try to upload every single products that is available. By doing this, they think that they can maximise their reach. Most of the time, this doesnt happen.

Will you still get sales? Maybe. Is this the best way to sell? Definitely no.

We have a number of agents which make 4 figures sale easily with only 1 product.

Start from 1-2 brands first and learn how to sell a product.

What are the benefits?
Why should your customer buy the products?
Is the picture attractive?
What about descriptions?
Why should they buy from you?

Keep experimenting until you find success. Then replicate whatever is working fast!


Last but not least, be consistent.

“Rome is not built in 1 day”

There’s no shortcut to hard work. You need to build credibility & trust to your customers. Make sure you have a proper schedule for your strategies.


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