Skinfood is a cosmetic company where the owner has been involved in the skincare business since 1957. The main concept of the company is to create products with nutritional values of food with the slogan “beauty food for the urban sweety”.

Skinfood’s logo has a guardian angel which is designed to convey the message to their customers of the purity and the goodness of their products.

Healthy skin starts with food. Food contains vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that are good for the body inside and out. We use these nourishing elements in all our products to deliver targeted nourishment and care.

Skinfood Food Line Up

Black Sugar – Black Sugar Cleansing skin care line is an exfoliating and moisturizing cleansing line with organic black sugar. Black sugar is enriched with vitamins and minerals to hydrate and nourish skin. Dead skin cells are scrubbed away, leaving skin soft and glowing.
Royal Honey – Since ancient times, honey has been considered a rare delicacy with medicinal properties in both Eastern and Western medicine. It’s a natural beauty remedy with anti-aging, moisturizing, and antiseptic properties that’ s fit for a queen!
Lettuce & Cucumber – Full of moisturizing benefits, the Premium Lettuce & Cucumber Watery is an ultra-hydrating and cooling line that makes dry, flaky skin a thing of the past! The water-based hydration refreshes and calms skin that is stressed by the hot summer sun, without leaving a sticky, greasy residue.
Egg White – An egg is a powerhouse of protein! Rich in amino acids and vitamins, it’s the driving force behind our egg-citing Egg White skin care line.
Avocado – Premium Avocado Rich is a revamp of our Avocado line. It has been upgraded to contain higher quality avocados, higher avocado content, and ceramides as a protective agent. It deeply nourishes and moisturizes skin with its natural fats and plethora of vitamins and minerals.
Peach Sake – SKINFOOD’ s Peach Sake is our best-selling pore care line that combines Japanese sake and peaches to reduce the appearance of pores and control excessive oil production. This basic care line extends into makeup for comprehensive oil control.
Tomato – The tomato has come a long way. Once thought to be poisonous, it is now hailed as a nutrient-dense, fiber-packed superfood which can help fight free radical formation, build resistance to cancer, and is a tasty ingredient in many beloved foods (did someone say pizza?!). SKINFOOD has harnessed this super-powered food in our Premium Tomato Whitening skin care line. Grab a slice, put on your thinking caps, it’ s learning time.
Miracle Food 10 – SKINFOOD’ s Miracle Food 10 line is a total solution program with powerful antioxidant and moisturizing properties that addresses 10 different skin concerns. 10 superfoods, including black tea, ginseng, and honey, are extracted and blended into an optimal skin care line to treat and restore skin, prevent aging, and fight wrinkles.
Fresh Apple – SKINFOOD’ s Fresh Apple line is a pore-refining skincare line which uses fresh, unripe green apple extracts and sparkling mineral water to create a smooth, matte appearance.
Yuja – SKINFOOD’ s new skin care product is the Yuja Water C line. An ultra-hydrating and brightening line that moisturizes skin from the inside out. Made with yuja extract and yuja essential oil, it coats the surface of skin, locking in moisture and brightening skin tones for a soft, glowing appearance.
Gold Caviar – SKINFOOD’ s Gold Caviar is a premium skincare line that combines decadent sturgeon caviar and luxurious 24-karat gold flakes for firmer and younger-looking skin. It’ s functional extravagance at its finest, a premium anti-wrinkle line that nourishes and fortifies.
Bitter Green – Cold-pressed green juice is on trend right now. Celebrities swear by it for glowing skin, abundant energy, and healthy detoxification. Since we believe healthy skin starts with healthy food, SKINFOOD has harnessed the purifying power of bitter greens in our deep-cleansing, detoxifying line, featuring our specially formulated Bitter Green – 5 Complex.

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