Makeup Tips for Oily Skin

The key to applying makeup on oily skin is prepping your skin.

Prime your skin before you start, use a primer (oil free) which is formulated for oily, acne prone skin. Never opt to use an old primer because it tends to get sticky and shinier after a few hours. A good primer acts as a good base for your makeup. It plays an important role in absorbing the oil that our glands produce. This in turn will help in making our makeup last longer on oily skin. The oil that is produced causes makeup to fade, streak and look all weird if you don’t use a good primer.  Always apply the primer after you have toned and moisturized your skin.

Oily skin looks the best when minimal number of products is used. Always opt for more concealer because it contains less oil than foundation. If you must use foundation, use an oil- free foundation or mineral foundation as it tends to fill your pores and make your skin look even.  It also lessens the possibility of you developing acne and other skin problems. Always stick to applying the foundation with your fingertips – Make sure they are clean, using a brush with increase your chances of developing acne problems. Refrain from slapping on foundation on your problem areas like acne on your face – This will only accentuate them making your skin look uneven. Powder foundation will add much less oil to your skin throughout the day than a liquid foundation would.

After your foundation is applied, wait for it to settle into your skin for 5- 10 minutes. The next step after this will be to set your foundation with a translucent, light powder. Always refrain from using powders that have shimmer in it because it will eventually make you look like a disco ball. Always target the main areas like forehead and bridge of nose because that area tends to get oilier. Gently sweep the powder in circles using a kabuki or powder brush for an air- brushed look.

If you wish to proceed further – You may apply blush and eye-shadow. Powder based blush and eyeshadow will work best for oily skin. Always prefer water-proof makeup products because products like eyeliner tend to get messy when they come into contact with your skin oils. Waterproof makeup tend to be resistant to oil and lasts longer. If you use makeup in powdered form it important that you blend your makeup well. Always blend eye-shadows, avoid harsh lines

After you are done, set your makeup with a makeup finishing spray. This setting spray will set your makeup and help it to last longer. It forms a barrier over your makeup and resists oil production. Just a few sprays will help set your makeup. It also prevents you looking all caked up and lets your skin breathe.

Once, you are all set, you need to keep a small kit ready for standby in desperate times. Always carry a translucent powder and oil- blotting sheets. You can always add touch –ups of compact or translucent powder to control the oil. Oil blotting sheets also do a good job to control oil production. If you start looking like a shiny ball – just blot away the oil with the help of good blotting sheets. These are the must known natural beauty tips for oily skin make up!

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