Instagram Audit

Have you ever felt like you’re spending hours, days, months, and even years, on Instagram without understanding what works for you and what doesn’t? In this case, there’s one thing that can help — running an Instagram audit.

Thing is, in order to crack the Insta-nut, you need one thing only: a strategy. However, a good strategy is always based on constant re-assessments, tweaks, and adjustments based on data and insights. Which is essentially what an audit is for.

An Instagram audit might not be the most fun thing to do. However — it’s THE place to start if you want to do things properly.


1. Covering the basics 


 Revisit your Goals and KPIs

Before you even start looking at your Instagram, take a step back and ask yourself if you remember what your goals were when you started out. Was it to build brand awareness by increasing your follower numbers? Or to drive sales through Instagram ads?

Truth is, you might not even remember anymore. One of the biggest Instagram mistakes you can make is to set no goal — or to set too many goals at the same time, which is essentially the same thing.

If you find yourself struggling to answer what your Instagram goal is, now is the time to address it! 

Good example of an Instagram goal: I want to grow my followers by 10% in the next 2 months by posting good quality content every day and engaging with relevant accounts 30 minutes per day.

 Make sure you know who your audience is

Do you have a clear idea of who your followers are? What kind of content they like? What time they’re online? Who else they follow?

If you answered NO to all of these questions, it’s time to research.

2. Reviewing Your Profile


 Make sure you have Instagram Business Profile

You might have heard this before: more and more users are, as of late, converting to Instagram Business Profiles to get access to valuable analytics and advertising opportunities. If you want to grow, Business is the way to go, so if you haven’t switched yet, now is the time.

Revisit your bio

While most people think it’s a user’s feed that makes the first impression on Instagram, it is actually your short bio that does. It takes 0.05 of a second to make the first impression on the Internet — that’s about 8x shorter than a blink of a human eye. So it’s REALLY important that that first impression is a GOOD one.


No 3. Analyze Your Content 


As you’re auditing your posts, don’t just look at the numbers. Pay attention to the photos and videos themselves. Are there any similarities? You might notice photos with people in them get more comments than product shots. Or your videos might drive significantly more engagement than photos.

Remember, the goal of the audit isn’t just to figure out what works. You’re also trying to understand why it works so you can improve your strategy.

Do you have a visual strategy?

If a single picture is worth a thousand words, your whole feed should be worth a novel.

Developing a style for your feed will not only help you to stay visually consistent, but also help you be instantly recognizable as a brand.

Do you post consistently?

There are two types of Instagram users: those who post content on the fly and those who plan ahead.

I’ll let you guess who’s more successful at Instagram.

It is crucial to your success  to have a content plan and to stick to it. If you post too rarely, people will quickly forget about you. If you post too frequently, people quickly become annoyed at you, too. That’s why it’s important to experiment and find the golden mean that works for your brand. 

Do you use a variety of content?

Another crucial element to your Insta-success is mixing your content up. There are three content types you can choose from: photos, videos (which also includes boomerangs), and carousels. Make sure you have a healthy mix of all three!

Do you promote your content?

Hashtags, geolocation, tagging other brands or users — all that will help to boost your exposure and get your content seen. Liking and commenting on accounts similar to your own is a good tactic to use to grow on Instagram organically, and it also sends a message to the algorithm that your profile is active. And needless to say, the algorithm loves that.

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