Increasing Customer Loyalty, Lifetime Value & Average Order


It’s far less expensive for a business to retain customers than it is to acquire new ones, yet most companies continue to invest significantly more money into customer acquisition than retention. As a result, they do acquire new customers, but they lose a lot along the way.

Keep this in mind as you plan your next marketing budget. It just might make sense to shift some of your marketing investments into retention initiatives and away from acquisition initiatives.




Not only are loyal customers “conversion-friendly” but also have the ability to generate additional business from a slew of new customers.  They are likely to be brand ambassadors and influence others to purchase from your company

These days, word-of-mouth referrals are more prevalent because consumers are prone to sharing their opinions on public forums and social media websites

Here’s a few questions you should consider to improve your customer loyalty.

QUALITY – How do your customers feel about the quality of your product?  Does it need improvement?

CUSTOMER SERVICE –  Are customers satisfied with the support that they have received?

PRICING –  Is your pricing competitive in the marketplace?  Does it match up with the quality of goods/services you sell?

COMPETITION –  How does your brand/product stack up to your competitors?

BRAND EXPERIENCE –  How was the customer’s overall experience from beginning to end when?  Was the buying process easy and convenient?

BRAND PERCEPTION –   Do your customer’s feel positive about your overall brand?




REWARD LOYALTY – Offering loyal customers some kind of reward or exclusive content is an extremely powerful way of strengthening brand affinity.

*This can be something like FREE shipping for their 5th order from you

IMPROVING CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE – Customers often leave because of the experience they receive as customers. Continuously improving your customer experience is a key driver of long-term customer  loyalty

*This can be something like doing COD for your community area (within 5km)

CUSTOMER EDUCATION –  Customers tend to “leave” because of another product or service that has a feature which they believe you do not have, even if you do. If you have a “moderately complex” product or service,  it can be well worthwhile to educate customers about it.

*Share relevant videos on testimonials/how to use guide, etc.

RE ENGAGEMENT – What do you do to re-engage prior customers who haven’t purchased anything from your business or opened one of your email messages recently? You can’t expect them to become repeat customers if you’re not trying to re-engage them

*Offer special 1 time offer to customers who inquire but didn’t buy or keep updating on new arrivals/best sellers etc. 

GIVEAWAYS – You can also run contests where customers have a chance to win prizes when they buy often. You can let customers know that if they’ve made a purchase they’ll be entered into the contest where they can win one of several prize packs




PRODUCT BUNDLING – Providing customers bundle deals can help increase average order value. For example, you can provide a buy 2 and get a free gift or buy 3 and get a 4th free

*Buy 1 bundle of skincare set, free them 1 mask

CROSS SELLING – A cross-sell is an item that a customer may like that’s different from the product they’re viewing.

*When they order a cleanser, you can ask if they are interested in toner, mask, etc. 

UPSELL – An upsell is when you encourage customers to buy more expensive items or additions to increase average order value or profit

*Instead of buying 1 cleanser, would they be interested in buying a set.


GIFT CARD – Gift cards are a great way to increase average order value, even when giving a small one away for free.

*RM5 OFF for orders above RM50. 1 time use

TIME SENSITIVE DEALS – You can offer a time sensitive deal to help increase average order value. For example, you might have a 48 hour deal where someone gets a free gift or a special discount when they’ve ordered a certain quantity of products.

*This week only, exclusive prices for 1 brand

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