Getting your first 100 customers

By getting your first 100 customers, you are essentially set in making RM5-10k sales in the following month by referrals, following up, upsell, etc. And these customers will keep buying from your every month as long as they trust you.

Ask friends, their friends & their friends

Start with your existing network. Talk to the people you know and the people they know. It may not yet be a huge amount of people, but there should be a few interesting connections among your friends and family.

Ask for introductions. The great thing about networking is that you’re never know what can get out of it.

Finding your internet tribe (groups)

Be where your customers are. The internet links billions of pages on every subject you can possibly think of to each other — and to people. Somewhere out there there must be a place where they’re talking about your industry, niche or problem.

Find these communities and become part of the tribe. Look for places where people are either looking for a product like yours or asking questions you can help them out with. You’ll find customers, trade advice, build network and sharpen skills. All of which will help both you and your business grow.


People love getting free stuff. As a business owner you might like giving free stuff a bit less. Good thing you’re not caring about money right now, right? You want to get as much people behind you and your product as possible. Free it is!

Blog about it 

There’s tons of reasons why you should blog. In fact, you should have started way before you started looking around for ways to grow. But hey, better late than never, right?

Ads follow people around. They’re annoying and put off rather than attract. Blogs on the other hand still spark a feeling of trust and authenticity. It’s the best way to tell your product’s story.

Blogging is by all means a long-term strategy. It takes hard work and you won’t see significant results right away.

Paid Advertising

There are conflicting industry opinions about using paid advertising to get your first customers.

Think about the first place you turn when you have a question or an issue. Most people (including us) go straight to Google.

If you’re targeting search terms related to the solution your product provides, your product’s ad — conveniently offering the solution to the issue being researched — can come up before organic search results on Google.

Paid ads aren’t exclusive to Google’s Adwords. Consider PPC ads on Facebook or Instagram

Monitor and adapt

Whatever you’re doing to acquire new customers, make sure you consistently measure its success rate. Create weekly or monthly reports for each marketing channel – how much you spent on it, how many people signed up etc. From then on, frequently tweak and revise all your marketing efforts to maximize their reach.

Once you have 100 customers, it’s like setting a snowball at the top of the hill. Those initial users are the proof that you have something valuable on your hands, and from then on it’s just a matter of maintaining momentum.


Here’s another 7 short tips

  1. Hustle like hades.
  2. Start a community by being a thought leader in your industry.
  3. Tap your network, including friends and family.
  4. Join, interact with, and lead the communities of your target audience.
  5. Word of mouth is your business development engine.
  6. Fuel word of mouth with easy access to your product.
  7. There is no secret sales formula. Fail fast and fix faster to find what works for you.

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