Facebook Tips

Facebook Audience

The higher the awareness of your audience, the higher their trust

Your audience buy from value, social proof, testimonials & emotion

Facebook Timing

Weekdays are better to sell than weekends

Best time to sell is when salary is out (last and first week of the month)

Consider doing a happy hour sale on Friday from 12pm-2pm

Facebook Fan Page

Ensure your page have profile photo, cover photo, about and some content (tips, product info, video, testimonials)

Invite your friends/family to like your fan page

Consistently post high quality pictures/videos

Facebook Pictures

Post customer testimonials

Discount in picture (20%/30%/50%,etc)

Logo in picture

Selling pressure (Selling Fast, Top Selling, Limited, 5 pcs only)

Facebook Video

Live feed for highest engagement

Create 2 way communication (ask questions)

Collaborate with influencers for credibility

Facebook Copywriting

Headline – Introduction – Features/Advantages/Benefits – Offer – Testimonials – CTA (Call to Action)

Facebook Strategy

Sell packages

Upsell (Small to large size)

Ask for referrals

Promotion (only when awareness is high)

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