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As there are not a lot of affordable Malaysia collagen drink available, we have created JeanC 30 Days Hydrolyzed Collagen Drink which is an affordable collagen drink that is high in collagen & antioxidants.

At RM89 for 30 sachets, JeanC 30 Days Hydrolyzed Collagen Drink provides the best value for collagen drink under RM100 sold in Malaysia.



JeanC 30 Days Hydrolyzed Collagen Drink is targeted for women who want to have firmer and moist skin.



Each serving provides 3000mg marine collagen peptides and is high in antioxidants using vitamin C, vitamin E, astaxanthin and superfood extracts.

Collagen is 75-80% of the skin and after age 25, our body produces less collagen which results in wrinkles, fine lines and dry skin.

Other factors that reduce collagen production includes alcohol intake, high sugar intake, smoking and exposure to sun 

Antioxidants protect our cells from damage caused by free radicals which can damage body cells and DNA as well as contributing to the aging process. 

Excessive free radical formation can be caused by several stress factors and lifestyle habits such as air pollution, smoking, alcohol intake, high blood sugar level, consuming large amounts of fatty acids(fried food) , excessive exposure to sun, etc



Grape Juice Premix Powder, Collagen Peptide (Fish), Isomaltulose, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Amla Extract, Acai Extract, Baobab Fruit Pulp Powder, Sucralose, Lingonberry Extract and Astaxanthin.



Huge Market Size

There are 5,000,000 women in Malaysia aged 25-40 on Facebook/Instagram platform. By penetrating 1% of the market, there is a potential of selling 50,000 boxes of collagen each month.

Minimal Competition

We’ve studied the market and find a gap in 30 days of collagen that’s under RM100. As of now, there is less than 5 major competitor brands that are known in this market such as Safi & Kitsui

For our distributors, product prices are fixed to ensure a high profit margin. Each area will also be limited to 2-4 distributors only so that there will be little competition within an area.

High Product Quality

Our formulation uses high quality ingredients that are sourced worldwide. By partnering with local established factory, we can ensure the quality and safety of the product. The factory is a Halal Factory and GMP(Good Manufacturing Practice) certified

Fast Repeat Order

Collagen drink comes with 30 sachets which is enough for 1 month. Customers will reorder every month.




*shortlisted distributor will be contacted for confirmation and payment