Which brands should sell? Pros & cons

With the amount of brands available at Kbeauty, it can be hard to decide which brand to sell. We’ve decided to breakdown the differences so agents can make better decisions on their preferred brands to sell depending on their styles.

Supply vs Demand

Supply and demand is perhaps one of the most fundamental concepts of economics.

More supply than demand = Low price
More demand than supply = High price

Understanding this, bigger brands have more sellers in the market and hence you are expected to have a lower profit margin.

For smaller brands, there are less competition and naturally will have a higher profit margin.

Other than the brands, new products generally have better profit margins than older ones as well.


Expensive brands or mass market brands?

Many agents are afraid of selling expensive brands because they think that these are not affordable. End of the day, there are customers for every brands available.

In terms of value, they might just bring the same sales amount.

Here’s a view on the monthly search volumes of some brands in Malaysia

Would you rather sell apieu, sulwhasoo, missha or iope?

The question is would you rather serve 1 customer, 5 customer or 10 customer a day?

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